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  • "Why build a backyard court? Happy families tell you why."

  • "Why should you choose a Sport Court dealer? What this video."

  • 2013 Sport Court Convention
    Sport Court Sizzle Video

  • Knoxville Healthy Living Expo

  • What's under your backyard court?

    Sport Base outdoor court system - an innovative green alternative to concrete and asphalt. A 100% recycled and 100% recyclable base material for sport courts.

  • Community Surface - Part I

  • Community Surface - Part II

  • Tennis Courts

    Tennis Courts – Flood damaged courts at Centennial SportsPlex in Nashville get a face lift for 10 and under tennis. Watch this short time lapse video of our crews resurfacing two standard courts to accommodate eight 36-foot quick start courts.

  • Why does Tennis make Kids Play like Adults?

    Why does tennis make kids play like adults? - Change is coming to tennis. 10 and Under Tennis. The game of Tennis takes a new and better approach to introducing kids to the game. Balls are lower in compression; they bounce lower and don't move as fast so they are easier to hit. This allows kids time to get to the ball and helps them develop optimal swing patterns. Racquets are sized for small hands, and the courts are smaller and easier to cover. All that equals more fun and less frustration. Full sized courts can be reconfigured to accommodate up to six 36-foot courts, so instead of waiting in line, kids can spend their time playing.

  • Community Surface Built By SportMaster

    This ad ran on the Tennis Channel to promote Community Surface, the “extreme makeover” of tennis courts. We were chosen to partner with Sportmaster and the Tennis Channel to renovate these flood damaged courts.

  • Permanent 36' & 60' Lines for 10 and Under Tennis

    See our crew adding permanent Quick Start tennis lines to existing full size tennis courts. The process takes only an hour per court, dries quickly, and play can resume right away. The quick start lines are “blended” with the playing surface so they don’t distract adult players.

  • Backyard Sport Court ®

    With a Sport Court game court in your back yard, you know where your kids are, who they are with and that they are invoved in healthy, fun activities. Cris Collinsworth discusses his backyard Sport Court for basketball, volleyball, roller hockey, futsal, badminton, shuffleboard and other activities.

  • Sport Court ® Triple Play

    See how one community converted an old, worn out tennis court facility into a beautiful multiple use play area for quick start tennis as well as basketball and soccer.

  • Volleyball Sport Court ®

    For the 18th consecutive year, NCAA volleyball championships will again be contested on Sport Court® playing surfaces. Superior performance and player safety are two of the primary reasons Sport Court continues to be the choice of the NCAA Volleyball Championships. Sport Court’s continuous development, ongoing research and safety testing has resulted in a unique playing surface that also provides easy installation, customized layouts, vibrant colors and natural wood appearances.

  • Sport Court ® Tennis

    Sport Court PowerGame modular surface for tennis courts. The safest court in the world™. Significantly less shock than hard surfaces. Less stress on joints due to the lateral forgiveness of the system. Superior performance and safety. This system is a great alternative for repairing cracked courts.

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