50 Shades of Gray, but only 1 is Smokey.

Is gray the new orange at the University of Tennessee?

 No, orange remains the Big Color on Campus in Knoxville, but a classy charcoal hue -- dubbed Smokey gray -- made its debut on Tennessee alternate football jerseys two years ago. Now Barksdale Tennis Stadium sports the new team color with handsome gray courts and bright orange playing lines.

Cracked courts

The term crack filling is a misnomer. Crack “covering” or “bridging” is actually what takes place. It is impossible to completely “fill” the cracks with standard materials applied at the surface.

Synthetic Turf and Health Issues

As I am in the synthetic turf installation business I closely watched the original NBC news clip and the follow up clip on last night's news (October 23rd). The original clip cites possible negative health effects of long term contact with the black rubber infill that is common in synthetic turf sports fields. The follow up story highlights a catholic school that, after seeing the original NBC story, decided to forgo using the black recycled crumb rubber for Nike Grind, ground up running shoes. This strikes me as an obvious overreaction.

Running Tracks and Cutting Corners


There is no magic needed when building a running track facility. No secret recipes, no mystical potions.


We are getting so many calls from tennis court owners who are concerned about cracking on their courts.Why do so many tennis courts have cracks??There are lots of older asphalt tennis courts out there with cracking. As the underlying asphalt pavement ages it naturally loses its pliability and becomes more dried out and brittle each year. This means it is more susceptible to cracking as time passes. Any shifting underneath can cause new cracking or expansion of existing. Temperature extremes can do the same.

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