Color Students and Faculty Happy With Green and Gold Track

Knoxville Catholic running track resurfacing

Two-color surface a hit, running away

How's life in the fast lane?

Much more colorful these days for student runners at Knoxville Catholic High since Competition Athletic Surfaces resurfaced the school’s track with alternating lanes of green and gold.

Completed in the fall of 2013, the two-color renovation demonstrates the Chattanooga company’s willingness to attempt untried assignments, collaborate with suppliers to accommodate customers’ budgets and apply imaginative approaches to overcoming challenges.

"Our staff has experience working on nearly every type of surface in the athletic surfaces industry," says CAS president Lee Murray. "But we rarely are asked to do a two-color track. What's more, the Knoxville Catholic budget for the new track made the project seem way out of reach."

Adding Futsal to the Fold

Adding Futsal to the FoldFutsal is a down-sized version of soccer, typically contested with five players to a side. The name is a contraction of the Spanish term futbal de salon, meaning indoor soccer. Although the sport was conceived to be played inside, it is now played outdoors as well on fields with dimensions similar to the new ones at Highland Park.

Highland Park is one of Chattanooga’s resurgent urban neighborhoods, and the commons project has been supported by Chattanooga area foundations. With the Chattanooga Football Club (CFC) leading the charge on the construction of the futsal field, the project also received support from the U.S. Soccer Foundation. Sean McDaniel, General Manager of the CFC said “Competition Athletic certainly exceeded our expectations and demonstrated their desire to enhance the soccer environment for both the CFC as well as our fans. They’re a great partner”. Chattanooga Football Club’s schedule will kick off May of 2012. Follow us at

Competition Athletic Surfaces Puts New Spring in Spring Valley Track with Rekortan Installation

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Spring Valley High School
The new Rekortan® running track inside Harry Perone Stadium at Spring Valley High School, Columba SC.

When Spring Valley High School in Columbia SC hosted this year's prestigious Taco Bell Classic Track & Field Meet, they did it on a brand new Rekortan M99 track installed by Chattanooga's Competition Athletic Surfaces.

This year's event attracted more than 137 teams from the southeastern and eastern United States, ten times the number that attended the inaugural meet in 1981. The growth in numbers parallels events widening reputation, according to Spring Valley coach and meet co-director John Jones. "This year, it's probably the top track meet in the Southeast and one of the strongest in the nation," Jones said.

As the meet grew, however, so did the wear and tear on the Harry Parone Stadium track. Last year, Spring Valley decided to replace the track surface with Rekortan, a 100% polyurethane product of Pennsylvania-based Advanced Polymer Technology Corporation.

Extreme court makeover gives quick start tennis a quicker start in Nashville

Earlier this year, an apocalyptic rainfall left much of Nashville, Tennessee reeling from the worst floods in memory. Among the submerged were the city’s municipal tennis courts at Centennial Park, but a unique partnership among Community Surfaces, Sport Master and Competition Athletic Surfaces had the tennis center back in operation in 48 hours.

The remarkable makeover was captured on video and edited into a 30-minute documentary that aired this fall on the Tennis Channel. The show captures the flood’s devastation, focusing on the damage to Centennial Tennis Center’s eight courts.

Facility Planning & Operations: Planning & Design

A tennis court is not a parking lot. A running track is not a street. These statements should be so obvious as to not even warrant mention. But, evidently, they're not obvious to many people embarking on new facility construction. Too many instances occur of tracks and courts being built that don't meet the recommended specifications for their construction...

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